Blank Music Sheets for Children Is Fun

We are proud to announce that Funny Blank Music Sheets for Children has been released! This revolutionary new manuscript paper notebook was created for kids aged from 3 to 8 years old.

It doesn’t matter your goal – to teach your child music as a professional musician or give him general information about it. Your kBlank Music Sheets for Childrenids can use this product to get some musical knowledge, skills or fun!

Any child can use this bright and funny blank music paper. To use Funny Blank Music Sheets for Children, they do not need an adult’s help! It means that parents without musical backgrounds will feel free and comfortable when their kids write musical keys, notes and rests.

To teach kids how to write musical notation, keys, signs and improve their handwriting skills, the author of this product uses the tracing technique. This technique will help children complete their tasks quickly and easily.

“Tracing techniques will give a child more freedom and confidence in writing on the musical staff,” says Tatiana Bandurina (an author who has more than 35 years’ experience in teaching music).

For example, to learn how to write a treble clef, Tatiana Bandurina divided this task into four parts. Your child should trace each part of the treble clef first. Then he has a chance to write these parts of musical keys himself. When this job is done, your son or daughter can try to write an entire treble clef without any hints.

Generally, this manuscript paper notebook is divided into two parts: tracing and regular writing of treble and bass clefs, musical notes and four types of rests.

There is an additional advantage of this musical manuscript notebook: the spaces between the lines of the staffs are big enough for kids who have just started learning how to write musical notation. It is helpful for children who have just started using a pencil.

To avoid boring exercises, the author of Funny Blank Music Sheets for Children recommends using colored pencils. Your child should implement the task in the colors indicated on the tracing page. He can use any color of pencils to do practice on the next page.

Also, your child will meet cheerful faces of sweet fruits on every page of this notebook. These vivid pictures improve moods and help your kids perform exercises quickly and with lots of fun.

Funny Blank Music Sheets for Children is also a good product for kids with disabilities.

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